July 2021
Pier 4 Park
Hamilton, ON

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Clifford Brewing Co.

Hamilton's Clifford Brewing Co. was launched by brewer Brad Clifford in January 2015. Previous to starting his own brewing company, Brad had been developing his brewing skills for many years, first as an award-winning home brewer, and then as a small-scale commercial brewer in Toronto. Since setting up shop in Hamilton, the brewery has made a name for itself with its flagship Clifford Porter and popular Pinball Wizard APA, both now available in close to a hundred licensed establishments across southern Ontario. Clifford Porter has won three Gold Medals and three Silver in the Canadian and Ontario Brewing Awards (2015-2019) and is widely considered one of Ontario‚Äôs finest porters. In 2019, Clifford was named Brewery of the Year at the Canadian Brewing Awards.


Clifford Porter: Gold, Porter (2016 & 2019 Canadian Brewing Awards); Silver, Porter (2016, 2017 & 2018 Ontario Brewing Awards); Gold, Porter (2015 Ontario Brewing Awards); Bronze, Porter (2014 Canadian Brewing Awards)
Clifford Barrel Aged Porter: Silver, Wood and Barrel-Aged Beer, Pale to Amber/Dark (2019 Canadian Brewing Awards); Gold, Wood & Barrel-Aged Beer, Dark (2016 Canadian Brewing Awards)
East Hamilton Lager: Silver, European Style Lager, Pilsner (2019 Canadian Brewing Awards); Bronze, German Pils (2018 Ontario Brewing Awards)
Marigold Belgian Golden Ale: Bronze, Belgian-Style Abbey Ale/Pale Ale (2019 Canadian Brewing Awards)
Pinball Wizard APA: Bronze,  North American Style Pale Ale (2014 Canadian Brewing Awards)

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