July 2021
Pier 4 Park
Hamilton, ON

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West Avenue Estate Cidery

West Avenue Estate Cidery’s cider is a nod to traditional country flavours, but its makers can’t resist a bit of big-city fancy. From sessionable year-round staples to more innovative barrel-aged and cask-conditioned ciders as well as limited-run epiphanies, find out why West Avenue is leading the local cider renaissance. 


Heritage Dry: Bronze, Modern Cider-Dry (2016 & 2018 GLINTCAP); Silver, Heritage Cider-Sweet (2017 GLINTCAP); Bronze, New World Cider-Modern (2015 GLINTCAP); Silver, New World Cider (2015 GLINTCAP); Silver, New World Cider (2015 Canadian Brewing Awards)
Autumn: Gold, Heritage Cider-Dry (2018 GLINTCAP)
Gold Dust: Bronze, Wood-Aged Cider (2018 GLINTCAP); Silver, Heritage Cider-Dry (2017 GLINTCAP); Silver, New World Cider (2015 GLINTCAP)
Communal 10: Bronze, Wood Aged Specialty Cider (2018 GLINTCAP)
Strawberry Trifection: Bronze, Specialty Cider & Perry (2018 GLINTCAP); Bronze, Cider with Herbs/Spices (2018 Canadian Cider Awards)
Legend of the Fall: Silver, Sour Cider (2017 GLINTCAP)
Barrett Fuller’s Secret: Bronze, Wood Aged Cider (2017 GLINTCAP); Silver, Wood Aged Cider & Perry (2014 & 2016 GLINTCAP); Bronze, Wood-Aged Cider & Perry (2015 GLINTCAP); Silver, Specialty Cider (2016 & 2017 Canadian Brewing Awards); Bronze, Specialty Cider (2015 Canadian Brewing Awards)​
Heritage Gold: Bronze, Wood Aged Cider (2017 GLINTCAP)
Bleuet Sauvage: Silver, Specialty Cider & Perry (2017 GLINTCAP); Best In Class, Specialty (2016 GLINTCAP); Gold, Specialty Cider & Perry (2016 GLINTCAP)​
Bohemian Raspberry: Silver, Specialty Cider & Perry (2017 GLINTCAP)
Cherry Beach: Bronze, Specialty Cider & Perry (2014 & 2017 GLINTCAP); Gold, Specialty Cider & Perry (2016 GLINTCAP); Silver, Specialty Cider & Perry (2016 GLINTCAP)
Wild Oak: Best In Class, Wood-Aged Cider (2016 GLINTCAP)
Cherriosity: Bronze, Fruit Cider (2016 GLINTCAP); Silver, Fruit Cider (2015 GLINTCAP)
The Catalyst: Silver, Specialty Cider & Perry (2016 GLINTCAP)​; Gold, Cider with Herbs/Spices (2016 Canadian Cider Awards)
North by West: Gold, Ice Cider (2016 GLINTCAP)​
Centennial Reserve: Silver, Wood-Aged Cider & Perry (2015 GLINTCAP)
Gold Blush: Bronze, Specialty Cider & Perry (2016 GLINTCAP)
Whetherfield: Gold, New World Cider (2015 GLINTCAP)

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